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Cleaning products for every home

The Nefy brand is a line of products for care and cleaning of all types of surfaces at home and not only.

Nefy products are highly effective and feature a pleasant smell. They are manufactured using the highest quality raw materials and state-of-the-art technology, while still being completely safe to use. We realise that in each house there are different preferences for cleaning, which is why we’ve created two lines of products – Nefy Natural and Nefy, so that everyone can choose the products they prefer.

NEFY – New Expert For You

NEFY Natural

You can compose your own natural cleaning products. You can make your own cleaning products by mixing different proportions and combinations of 6 natural components. These deceptively simple components, when blended in the right combinations, develop properties which are essential in everyday household cleaning.

Why prepare your own natural household cleaning products?

For our health
making household cleaning products yourself is significantly better for your health

We choose the composition
We can protect ourselves and our children from allergens because in the Natural line we do not use chemical compounds which are often carcinogenic

For fun and for learning
when composing our own cleaning products, we have the opportunity to discover new applications and to experiment.

For the protection of the environment
natural cleaning products do not negatively affect the environment. Many of the components used are biodegradable. Moreover, there is no need to manufacture additional packaging, as is the case with single-use cleaning products.

Products from the Nefy Natural line allow you to make use of natural products with minimal packaging to create cleaning products by yourself. By using 6 components, the recipes we provide, and a little bit of good will, you can replace a whole range of single-use cleaning products.

NEFY – New Expert For You


A line of cleaning products intended for those who like to clean thoroughly and easily. After extensive testing and years of experience on the market, we’ve developed a line of products that give you the confidence that the product you choose will get the job done. To meet your expectations, the Nefy line offers products for comprehensive cleaning of a variety of surfaces at home and not only. These include products which effectively remove caked-on grease from ovens and range hoods, stains and deposits from glass window panes, mirrors, and shower cabins, stubborn dirt from grout between tiles, limescale deposits from faucets and kettles, as well as mould and fungus that can occur in the bathroom, around the house, and in the garden.